Our services is the address for advice, chemical analyzes and supply of the Marlotherm® synthetic thermal fluids.

In addition, we provide advice for the correct treatment of thermal installations with the highest thermal efficiency you may expect.

Our Marlotherm® products

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Marlotherm® LH is a high quality synthetic, organic heat transfer medium for use in the liquid phase and gas-liquid phase in closed thermal oil systems with a high liquid circulation rate. The upper temperature limit is at the boiler output at 360 ℃. The film temperature should not exceed 380 ℃, certainly not for a longer period.
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Marlotherm® N is a relatively inexpensive synthetic organic thermal oil for use in the liquid phase, in closed, pressureless and circulating pumped thermal oil systems and can be used instead of a mineral thermal oil. The maximum bulk (boiler outlet) temperature is 300 ℃. The ideal working area is operating temperatures between 150 and 300 ° C
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Marlotherm® SH is a high quality synthetic, organic heat transfer medium for use in the liquid phase in closed thermal oil systems with a high liquid circulation rate.

Marlotherm® SH can be used without pressure in its work area. The boiling range of this product at atmospheric pressure is above the limit at which the product is used.
Marlotherm® SH is preferably used within the temperature range of 250 to 325 ℃.
The maximum temperature limit corresponds to an outgoing boiler temperature of 350 ℃. The film temperature must under no circumstances exceed 380 ℃.
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Bridging a wide temperature range in a thermal oil system with only one heat transfer medium is particularly challenging. To solve this problem, various physical parameters of the medium must be optimally coordinated. Marlotherm® XC is Eastman's thermal oil, which has these conditions in an excellent way.parameters van het medium optimaal te worden gecoördineerd. Marlotherm® XC is de thermische olie van Eastman, welke deze condities in een excellente manier bezitten.
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Our assistance and recommendations are based on knowledge and decades of experience with complex thermal installations.

Already in the design phase of a thermal installation we advise consultants and engineering firms to achieve the highest thermal efficiency and reduce operating costs as much as possible.

At older and sometimes very dirty installations we can advise you on how to achieve optimal returns and make the costs manageable again, by applying new energy recovery techniques, filter systems, insulation as well as aspects in relation to the present environmental regulations.

We are active in the following markets has been active in chemistry since many years. Petrochemical, offshore, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, solar energy and the food industry, such as bakeries, snacks, beer breweries, but also, laundries and the textile industry. Wherever heat or cooling is required in a production process, we have a thermal fluid available from -115 to + 400℃.